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Maintaining up-to-date bookkeeping records while buying, selling, or renting properties for multiple clients can be quite challenging, especially when property locations are in far off reaches of the city. Additionally, you have to keep yourself updated newspapers for property listings, searching for leads, talking to clients and researching for them, and closing a deal. In most cases, you don’t work in your office or are busy accompanying clients checking properties of interest or are running around maintaining requisite stamp papers in ship-shape order for smooth operations. Perhaps you have sound understanding of accounting principles, but acquiring time to keep up with the onslaught of all the manual bookkeeping can be another challenge. You need a tool that helps make the process simple, time saving, and accurate. This is where RETM accounting software becomes essential.


RETM accounting software provides a systematic way of recording financial information including the buyers and sellers involved. Once you enter a file/plot and assign seller and buyer, the software automatically organizes and stores all financial transactions via vouchers, the token money received, partial payments made by buyer or to seller, and Real Estate dues if any. Because of this up-to-date bookkeeping, you can finally refer to any transactions relating to a property in terms of receivables or payables. You can produce reports to help you grow your real estate business. In short, with timely and updated information you, manage your entire Real Estate Enterprise with topmost business efficiency.


RETM software does not only keep your finances intact; it also becomes a database of business connections – whether they are buyers, sellers or vendors, employees or project workers. Whenever you need to create a new financial transaction with a contact, review business deals, ask for referrals, or sell a new property, simply look for the name through the software and you will retrieve all the information you need. With RETM, real estate managers, agents and brokers maintain financial records without wasting their valuabletime for more important responsibilities.