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Custom Development / Staff Augmentation

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Engage with us to develop your business application - our core competence. Our Python / Django developers will walk the entire development lifecycle from your idea to deployment.

web development

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digital marketing

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UI / UX design

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”
Dr. Ralf Speth

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MEDINFO - Healthcare https://medinfo.pk

MEDINFO is a comprehensive, accurate and easy to use medical information system for hospitals and medical practices which is field-accessible and completely secure.

  • Register patients with unique medical record number
  • Track each patient visit
  • Record allergies, vitals and other must-know patient health traits
  • Enter final diagnosis and chalk out treatment plan

REM - Real Estate Managementhttps://techinfotronics.com/area

User ID: user; Password: 123; Secret Code: 1's

REM helps match sellers' real estate with prospective buyers and concurrently keep track of all buyers and sellers, properties sold, and properties available for sale. REM also provides systematic way of recording financial information. Because of up-to-date cloud-based bookkeeping, recall transactions relating to a property at any instant and produce reports from anywhere.

  • Register users and decide whether they are buyers or sellers
  • Create chart of accounts
  • Enter plot files
  • Enter vouchers for cash transactions
  • Generate reports