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The system is most beneficial tfor those who are in need of help. The patient tracking system allows doctors to view medical history of the patient. This tool provides summary overview and detailed diagnosis conducted previously, the current health of the patient and the administration of daily medicine and its results. This system permits patient's record to be viewed by other doctors and departments when needed.



The patient billing module provides comprehensive coverage of all the billing related matters and generates bills based on services being provided in the hospital. The billing module calculates the value for room rents, diagnostics, pharmacy, procedures and accounts.



Provides comprehensive data pertaining to admission of patients & ward management such as; Availability of beds with room & ward management, Emergency admission, Admission cost estimation, Admission approval, Doctors transfer detail, Nursing notes, Drug request, Discharge notification summary, Doctors Visit & Orders, Expected date and time of discharge.



Serves as an entry point to schedule an appointment, and includes; Consultation duty roster, Diagnosis details, Patients appointments, Daily/weekly schedule summary, Appointment scheduling & re-scheduling facility, Investigation/treatment history.